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“A Musical Extravaganza”
With over 100 song selections!

Musical Categories: Andean • Latin • Folk • World 

Since 1995, TINKU's specialty consists of delighting audiences with a musical extravaganza; performing 100% live music with authentic native instruments. TINKU's music represents international songs from more than 12 different countries while highlighting over 19  musical rhythms from throughout Latin America and beyond. TINKU is a  traveling band based in California. Its youngest artist, Isaac, is also a   current member of the San Diego Youth Symphony; while Josue is an  alumni of the same symphony. Collectively, TINKU's musicians have  approximately 30 years of experience in this specialty field. TINKU 's  ensembles consist of a One Man Band, Duo or Group acts to suit your  special needs.

Artists & Instrumentation:

TINKU's musicians are recording artists and multi-instrumentalists. It's members include Francisco Astudillo, Josue Astudillo, Isaac Astudillo and other supporting artists. Francisco Astudillo is the Founder & Director of TINKU and Founder & Producer of TINKU RECORDS. Francisco provides Lead Vocals plus Strings (Acoustic Guitar, Requinto, 12 String Guitar, Charango, Ronroco, Ukelele); and Winds (Zampoña, Antara, Rondador, Toyos, Quena, Quenacho & others). Josue Astudillo plays the Electric Bass, Percussions and now also Guitar. Isaac Astudillo performs Percussions:   an Andean drum called "Bombo" and a Peruvian drum named "Cajon". Isaac   also performs other percussions like the Chajchas (Andean Maracas); the  High-Hats; Cymballs, and "Palo de Lluvia" or Rainstick. Isaac is now  also performing with the Guitar. TINKU highlights the unique sounds of  the South American string, percussion and wind instruments; the  latter known as Panpipes or sometimes referred to as Panflutes. 

Over 300 Shows per Year:

If your event requires live   music, we have a great selection of rhythms to cover your needs. We tailor to Arts  & music Festivals; Concert Series; Parent Night;  Cultural/Multicultural Fairs; Weddings; Anniversaries; Birthdays;  Graduations; Corporate events; Resort & Restaurant entertainment.  You name it, we can create a great selection of melodies for your event.  

Specialty Acts

TINKU's music ranges from Traditional Andean/Inca music; to Mexican classics and Latin favorites; from World Folk to Instrumental Melodies & Holiday tunes from around the world including "Villancicos" (Latin carols) and several Covers.


 12+ COUNTRIES: México, Cuba, Puerto Rico & South America among others. Over 19 MUSICAL RHYTHMS: Bolero,   Chacarera, Candombe, Carnavalito, Chuntunky, Cumbia, Huajira, Huapango,  Joropo, Marcha, Ranchero, Rumba, Samba, San  Juanito, Saya, Trote,  Tinku, Valz, Jaravi and more!

Performance Overview: 

TINKU   has entertained thousands at colleges & universities; theme  & amusement parks; libraries; restaurants; shopping centers;  TV/Radio; organizations; schools; private events and corporate  engagements. TINKU has also performed at the San Diego Zoo & at the San Diego Wild Animal Park for 5 consecutive summers; at Seaworld  California; at Old Town State Historic Park since 1995; at the Superbowl   XXXVII tailgate events; with the San Diego Chamber Orchestra at the  Summer Pops Concerts; and at the Balboa Park Twilight Summer Concerts to   name a few.


TINKU counts with six professional recordings.
CIELITO LINDO ...An instrumental CD which combines an ecclectic collection of songs featuring all time favorites like Cielito Lindo, La Paloma and covers like Yesterday, Dust In The Wind, Chiquitita and others; all of which are highlighted with the beautiful sounds of the panpipes...Preview in iTunes!
PEACE ...   An instrumental recording with holiday music from around the world  including 'Villancicos' (carols) from Latin America. The musical  arrangements shine with the rhythms and unique sounds of the South  American wind, percussion and string instruments...Preview in iTunes!
BESAME MUCHO ...   Full of harmonious vocals, CD4 features romantic Boleros (Mexico);  rhythmic Cumbias from Mexico & Colombia; as well as vibrant  melodies. TINKU'S CD4 highljghts melodies like Besame Mucho, Sabor A Mi & Cumbia del Rey...Preview in iTunes!
GUANTANAMERA ...An   instrumental recording that pays tribute to the Latin countries of  Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba and Mexico. TINKU'S CD 3 has the beautiful melodies of "Tierra Mestiza" from México and  "Guantanamera" from Cuba...Review in iTunes!
INSTRUMENTAL ANDEAN MUSIC ... An all inclusive instrumental CD  with songs from Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador. TINKU's CD 2 features "El Condor Pasa"...Preview in iTunes!
MUSIC OF THE ANDES ... A collection of instrumental and vocal songs from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela...Preview in iTunes!

Founder & Mission of TINKU:

TINKU was founded in 1995 by Francisco Astudillo after he combined  three essential elements: an overwhelming entrepreneurial spirit, a love   for his roots, and a passion for music. Guided by these forces, TINKUs'  mission is to introduce the mystical and soothing sounds of  World/Latin/Folk music thru professional recordings and live concerts.


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Let TINKU be part of your next special event or project and experience an unforgettable musical journey!